Patch Notes 3.1.6


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Jul 8, 2020


• Emotion System.
• Cube renewal system.
• 7 Costume Extra Inventory pages.
• October Battle Pass & Shiva.


• All the chat blink when you select text: only the cursor will now blink and selected text will only be marked in blue.
• Added new section in leveling in warp ring that split leveling maps into 2 sections. a) Recommended Maps b) Other Maps.
• Adjusted minimum level to enter + restrictions. (you can no longer warp then get teleported back to map1 if your level does not satisfy the requirements, you will be told).
• Changed Spider Baroness Entry Level from 50 to 60.
• Changed Spider Baroness Entry Level from 50 to 60.
• Changed Aqua Dragon Entry level from 75 to 80 .
• Changed Solitary Entry level from 75 to 80 .
• Yang will be automatically picked (like any other map) in grotto 1 and grotto 2 and Enchanted Forest (Ochao).
• Costumes Rarity will always show on all items, even from the same month.
• Added Description to September Shiva and battle pass items.
• Changed Bonuses from "Knuud" to 2.000 HP & 10% Stones.
• Change Bonus from "Bambi" to 15% Mob instead of 10%.
• Purple Bat Wings duration from 20 to 30 days.
• Increased Green Bat Wings duration from 30 to 40 days.
• added [PVM] tag to all pvm equipments including weapons / armors from volcanic to elemental.
• Ochao Dungeon warp locations are now straight next to the guardian.
• You don't have to wait 3 seconds anymore to teleport to dungeon through dungeon manager if you weren't engaged in pvp.
• Volcanic Armors require level 61 Armor for crafting instead of 66 armors.
• Removed Setaou mobs from grotto 1 and replaced with underworld mobs.

Starter Set Adjustments

• Added 6/7 AP + Mob into the beginner costumes (riptooth).
• Changed Storm Tiger Seal to Lion Seal.
• Added Wings with a duration of 10 days with AP + Mob bonus.
• Addded both buffis with a duration of 10 days with 200 int.


• Fixed a bug where you randomly teleported back from ochao dungeon map.