3v3 Event


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Senior Game Admin
Mar 8, 2023

This event is hosted in Guild War Map. In order to register your team, you must contact a staff member within the registration period. The tournament will be made up of single-elimination and/or a 2 out of 3 match-up fights and only one team will fight at a time.
The rewards will vary from month to month.

Registrations are opened until Saturday 14th
The Event will take place on October 15th at 21:00 Server Time!

Fill out this form and send it to any staff member

Leader name:
Kingdom of players:
Names of participants:

Please contact any staff member in order to register your team.
You will have to accept a guild invitation from the staff guild in order to participate in the event

Rank 1 Team
= 21k NC + Permanent Cloak + [30 Day] Temporary In-game Tag
Rank 2 Team = 15k NC
Rank 3 Team = 9k NC

Click for Reward

The rules that have to be followed to prevent a disqualification are:
- No substitutes
- The use of grilled Loach is not allowed (indivisibility fish)
- Players cannot join 2 or more different teams with different or same characters.
- Max duration time of the fight is 5 minutes
- Registered teams have 5 minutes to show up with their lineup when their round is about to begin.
- If a team fails to present a third member when the round starts, they’re allowed to fight 2v3 if they want to.
- In case of a player disconnects, the fight will continue unless teams agree to a pause, however, the 5 minutes countdown will not stop.
- In case of a draw, after 5 minutes, teams will fight without pots until there’s a kill.
- Once the match starts, you can ONLY fight in the middle of the guild war map. Going outside the gates in not allowed. Staff available will disconnect you on the spot.
- When you die, you are allowed to revive in town only and come back to watch the fight, FROM OUTSIDE THE MIDDLE GATES.
- The use of horses and mounts is not allowed.
- Using Stealth (Dagger Ninjas) skill is allowed.
- Using Stealth (Dagger Ninjas) longer than 20 seconds is not allowed. Obvious abuse of the stealth skill as a dagger ninja is not allowed
- Once registrations are closed there will be no changes allowed to the lineup.
- iPvP are not accepted

- Win 1 round to advance to the next stage
- Win 2 out of 3 in the finals to be declared the champions