Fishing Event - July 2022


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Community Manager
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Dec 6, 2021
Fishing Event

Starting July 1st until July 31st your objective will be to
catch the longest fish possible!

Rewards are as followed:

First Place: 9k NC
Second Place: 6k NC
Third Place: 3k NC

You will not be able to exchange/trade once you've submitted a fishes.

You can submit the fish until the 31st of July 23:59 (ST) to [SGA]Ekko, [TA]Swab and [GA]Plasma. Message them in-game to do so.


Any use of cheats/hacks (fishbots) will directly disqualify the player, and the player will be punished harshly.
Players have 1 month from the start announcement to collect the longest fish they can.
When it is time to collect the Fishes, players have only 3 submissions.
You can only submit fishes from 1 account, if you get caught trying to submit fishes from multiple accounts/characters you will be directly disqualified.
If there is a tie for any prize, the players will receive the full amount of that specific prize.
- Example: Two people have the same size fish for 3rd place, they will BOTH receive 3k NC.

Prepare your lines and select bait wisely. The event is about to start.