New Cosmetics Line


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Aug 17, 2019
As the title suggests, we have finally decided to bring back the old released cosmetics to the game.
This form will be referred to as
New Line.

As many of you already know the NPC named Shiva has become an icon on this server and is known very well among the community.
Therefore the new line will be utilizing the same NPC but in Golden version referred to as
Golden Shiva


Starting the 15th of April 2022, a Golden Shiva will be placed in all the towns providing everyone previously released cosmetics in different colors.
The colors we pick will be based on people's suggestions and feedback.
(Only non existing colors will be accepted)

Unfortunately recolored skins will come at a cost and that will be reducing the number of cosmetics we release in Shiva every month.
So starting from
May 1st 2022, only 1 set of Cosmetics will be added to Shiva every month instead of 2 (the usual)

A few examples below shows the kind of recolors and costumes that will be available at Golden Shiva

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