Nova2 Remastered Puzzle Event (ended)

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Jul 8, 2020

Nova2 Remastered Puzzle Event
The deadline to hand in the puzzles is August 6th at 18:00 Server Time!

Considering the positive feedback for our previous Puzzle Events,
we have decided to create a new challenging yet fun puzzle event!

Let's get started off easy, the best of luck to you!
If you have any questions please contact me directly via forum/discord.

Event Rules:
1. You can't enter the competition with multiple accounts
2. The private message MUST be sent before the end of the event.
3. You are not allowed to share the completed puzzles (you are allowed to work together)

Puzzle 1:
It's that time of year where the beach is calling for us!
But can you help us prepare for summer by locating all the necessary accessories?


Objective: Find all of the images located anywhere in our forum and save their forum page Link once found!

Puzzle 2:
After all that searching I bet you're exhausted. Let me help you out a little!
Enjoy the satisfying experience of finding 12 differences between both images!

Original Image

Edited Image

Objective: Find all 12 differences in the images above. Don't worry some are really hidden!

Puzzle 3:
Since we all love riddles, help me solve these below. I've tried my best but can't get the answers!

I am a frozen treat but I am not in a cone and I do not have a stick. Part of my name sounds like a day of the week.
What am I?


I have cities, but I do not have houses. I have mountains, but I do not have trees. I have water, but I do not have fish.
What am I?


I appear once in summer and twice in autumn, but never in winter.
What am I?


You love me in summer but I never like the sun. The hotter the weather, the softer I become.
What am I?


Objective: Solve all of the Riddles!
Once you think you've solved them, Contact one of us on Discord!
[CoMa]Lucius#0937 or Aeneid#6884
Find us at -
Nova2 Discord Link

Prize #1: 7k Nova Coins + Permanent Discord Sticker
Prize #2: Beginner's Chest
Prize #3: 3k Nova Coins
Prize #4: Infusion [II] of your choice!
Prize #5: Infusion of your choice!
Prize #6 - 9: x10 Gold Bar (100kk Yang)
Prize #10: Metins-Mount, Buffi & Lolly (7 Day)

Note: 1st PRIZE will be given to the first player to complete ALL Puzzles!.
Prizes 2 - 10 will be raffled between everyone that has submitted all puzzles before the deadline.

Once you have finished the challenges, follow these steps:

Send me a private message ( Community Manager Profile ) it should include:

- Your player name

- The solutions! (Puzzle 1, Puzzle 2, Puzzle 3).

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