Patch Notes 3.1.8


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Jul 8, 2020

Guide Quests for beginners.
Animated Login Screen

New Upgrading Materials:
- Solar Orb Craftable
- Fused Horn Craftable
- Jotun's Horn Droppable
- Azrael's Horn Droppable

Adapted early equipment upgrade with the new upgrade materials listed above.

Adapted experience from mobs on maps level 30 to level 110
You will no longer regen if you're invisible.
Increased the mob spawned in Cape Dragon Fire and Nephrite bay.

Regroupped crafting NPCS in map1 and map2 which resulted in removing :
- Wingsia
- Gilif
- Mr Miyagi

Duratus Dungeon made easier. (reduced the HP of all mobs)
Fear Dungeon made easier. (reduced the HP of all mobs)
Rubynized Orcinol, Garnetized Orcinol, Emerlanded Orcinol and Sapphirized Orcinol attack range was reduced. (Still an archer but a close range archer)
Deleted all Arachnids Keys / Twisted Key / Shrunken Head from all inventories.
Shrunken Head is now droppable from Demon tower

Fixed a bug where you couldn't add 4th stone on Divine Ruby, Garnet, Emerald and Sapphire Armors
Fixed a bug with Volcanic and Royal Helmet where they showed more AC then they actually give.
Fixed some of the PvP Tournament rewards not showing [PvP Tournament] tag.
Fixed tiger & bear hats on Shaman female
When changing empire, you will automatically relog to apply the changes immediately

Dungeon Changes - Spider Baroness
Tickets are no longer required for entry
Killing Spider Eggs will now increase Spider Baroness' defense instead of decrease.
Killing Spider Eggs will now drop Poison Marble
When dropping Arachnids Whistle, your name will appear on the item

Dungeon Changes - Devil's Catacomb
You can now see the mini map in the dungeon
You will now be teleported next to the tortoise after delivering the Soul Crystal Key to the Statue in Stage 1.
The maze after Stage 2 has been removed. You will now be teleported to the Charon Stage.

The Charon stage has been revamped.
- You will now have to destroy 3 Metin Stones in order for Tartaros to spawn.
- Once both Metins and Tartaros have been defeated, Charon will spawn.

After Charon is killed you get warped to Azrael (no change)

Dungeon Changes - Aqua Dragon
Tickets are no longer required for entry
Beran-Setaou will spawn instantly with 4x stones
(Arrogance, Mountain, Solitude, Vengeance)
Every 15 seconds one of the Stones listed above will be spawned randomly

Each Metin Stone provides him with the following Buffs:
Mountain = Defence
Solitude = HP-Reg
Vengeance = Damage
Arrogance = HP-Reg Speed

• The buffs will last until the specific Stone has been destroyed

Note: If 2 stones of the same type are spawned, the buffs will stack

Dungeon Changes - Ochao
Entering the dungeon will spawn 4x Metin of Forest
All stones must be destroyed to spawn Bagjanamu
After Bagjanamu is killed, 4x Stone of Tree Beings will appear. Jotun will appear after all four stones have been destroyed.
Once Jotun Thrym is at 75% HP, 4x Metin of Forest will spawn. They must be destroyed to further damage Jotun.
Once Jotun Thrym is at 25% HP, 4x Metin of Tree Beings will spawn. They must be destroyed to kill Jotun.