Patch Notes - February 26th


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Jul 18, 2023
  • New Mounts + Pets seal system which allows you to combine your Seals' bonusses together at the Stable Boy
    • Removed bonusses from all Mount and Pet skins (Temporary event skins now has 5% strong against)
    • You can convert your old Shiva pet and mount skins into the new mount and pet Seals with bonusses through the crafting window at Stable Boy


  • Fixed Polish Client Crashing
  • Fixed an issue with the dungeon cooldowns being longer
  • Fixed an issue with the Ninja Costumes not being permanent in the Originals Chest
  • Fixed temporary Jiniri outfits being in the Originals Chest


  • Added Strong against Elemental bonus to both V3 Worldbosses (Abomination Fusion & Violent Arachne)
  • Increased their HP values from 4kk to 10kk
  • Added 3% Sword resistance to Green Almighty Dragon and Abomination Fusion, 10% sword resistance to Violent Arachne. Making sura and warrior more equal
  • Increased the levels of all Worldbosses to 150. Making them immune to poison.
  • Made 1x 1000 NC voucher guaranteed to drop and removed the chance of up to 3x 1000 NC vouchers to drop on every Worldboss
  • Added infusions and battle gem drop to Abomination Fusion and Violent Arachne
  • Mushroom, Hive and Crystal bosses now drop equal amounts of Rocks (x5 x5 x15 -> x10 x10 x10)
  • Crystal Dragon Azure Stone drop increased x5 → x9
  • Removed knockback on the Orchestraitor bosses (in Mythical Forest)
  • Added spirit Stone Pouch II to Mythical Forest stones
  • English Client language improvements
  • Renamed Stone of Haste to Stone of Endurance
  • Red Flame Stone (Permanent) and Spirit Stone Scrolls are stackable now
  • Changed the content inside IS packages to contain the new Pet and Mount Seals
    • Made Biologist Chest and IS Packages previewable
  • Increased movement speed on Purple Potion to 60% (Reactive your potion to gain the effect)
  • Added 6 seconds countdown on teleporting to a shop via search shop if you were engaged in PvP (Similar to using the Teleportation Ring)