Patch Notes - February 28th


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Jul 18, 2023

  • Changed the Starting Seals bonusses:
    • 10%+10%/10% on Bernie/Battle Lion
    • 5%+5%+5% on Leonidas
  • Added a 7 day 20% stone 20% boss 10% monster mount seal to Lu Hao
  • Added a 7 day 10% stone 10% boss 5% monster pet seal to Lu Hao
  • Crafting requirements changed to 60x of each Core
  • Added a temporary Event Mount/Pet system to the stable boy to convert any 3 mount or pet skins into an Itemshop skin that you can convert into a Seal at the Stable Boy (3x any permanent Mount/Pet skin → 1 Jersey/Jerry skin → 1 Mount/Pet Seal. You can not mix Pets and Mounts together)
  • Increased Premium Scroll time from 30 days to 90 days
  • Added skins bought with Nova Tokens (seasonal) into the Skin Conversion
  • Added skins bought through the Itemshop into the Skin Conversion
  • Added missing Shiva mounts and pets into the Skin Conversion
  • Added a prompt when Converting a Skin to a Seal, telling you which Skin will be used.
  • Changed the bonus on every temporary mount/pet skin from events to 5% stone + 5% boss
  • Added old Shiva mounts/pets into the Companion Mystery Chest and added their respective Shiva Label
  • 30 day National War costume has been placed in the Itemshop Storage for the players that won National War Event