Summer Event 2021 (ended)

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Jul 8, 2020

Summer Event 2021
The event will start on August 5th until September 5th!
The Event will start at 18:00 ST

This year's Summer Event will take place in Mystery Bay.

In Mystery Bay, you are able to farm four different Metin-Stones with each having unique loot.
You can also find two different type of Bosses lurking around waiting to defend their land

Mystery Bay
To join the Mystery Bay, you must visit Etna which is located in every Map 1.


Available in all 4 Channels!

Mystery Bay is divided into 3 levels, Low(L), Medium(M) and High(H).
Depending on your level you will enter the following map difficulty:

Low Level(L) Lv75 - Lv109
Medium Level(M) Lv110 - 130
High Level(H) Lv131- Lv140

Summer Bosses
Found lurking around Mystery Bay

Summer Metin Stones
The Metin Stones will each having unique loot

NOTE: Both Bosses and Metin-Stones will have different loot for every difficulty level
In addition to the Stone and Boss drops from Mystery Bay, you can also find the following items as a common drop.

Mango Swirl

Red Velvet Swirl

Raspberry Swirl

Chocolate Swirl

Ice Cream Cone

Etna, Penisula Guardian
You can find Etna, in any Map1 to craft various Summer goodies.

Cooling Box
The cooling box contains many useful and valuable items!
Here is a few of them:

Summer Shining 1
Summer Shining 2
Permanent Costumes
Battle Coins

And many more rewards!

For additional information, please visit our In-Game Wiki!
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